JUMP stands for JUrismus Marketing Partnership.


It is an individual exchange program between two Jurismussers. The exchange is supported by Eurojuris International.


This marketing program set up by Jurismus shall encourage young Eurojuris lawyers to exchange with their colleagues in other countries and to market their law firms during their stay. The exchange shall be planned for 3-5 days. The actual program during the stay is very individual and set up upon the intention and ambition of the participating lawyers. One business visit is obligatory. Possibilities in detail:


  • meeting with an already existing or with a potential client.
  • congress/conference of interest to intruduce the lawyer to potential clients.
  • court visit
  • visit of the chamber of commerce (appointment with the legal director or director of a certain sector)
  • visit a cooperative


Never forget that this is not only an opportunity for your guest to make or strengthen a business contact. Also the host gets the chance to present himself and his law firm in his own city to clients or istitutions like the chamber of commerce and so on. This makes potential clients aware of your commitment and international contacts. Therefore, even the host can profit of the appointments arranged for his guest. Take a chance of this win-win situation!


Also, Eurojuris International created a travel cost fund. If the exchange works out (both ways), Eurojuris International will compensate costs up to 250 EUR for each participant, i.e. 500 EUR in total.


There are only a few compulsory requirements:


  • the host will arrange accommodation
  • the host organises at least two appointments or business contacts
  • the exchange shall work both ways
  • both participants will report their experiences at the following Jurismus meeting (or by a written report)


Jurismus can help you to get in touch with other Jurismussers and to make contact if you are interested in JUMP but don't know yet where to go. Please don't hesitate to contact us.


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