Jurismus Luxembourg meeting 2014


Jurismus Luxembourg meeting 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 - 09:10


Could there be any better place to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Jurismus then the place where everything started ? To get this question answered 47 Jurismus-Delegates from 16 European countries  followed this year’s invitation to the Three-Country-Corner Germany-Luxembourg-France. The host himself is of course a very active member of Jurismus and furthermore his father is one of the founders of Eurojuris. Therefore Niko Geiben set up the Meeting in a very familiar atmosphere.


The first official item on the agenda was the visit of the European Court of Justice on Friday morning. Two legal secretaries gave a speech on the work organization and the procedure at court and provided an interesting insight in code of conduct, linguistic diversity and organization of the highest European court. Also the recent Judgment for Google “the right to be forgotten” was discussed.

This was followed by the presentation of the Bank BNP Paribas on the topic of   banking secrecy. The get-together afterwards was the first opportunity for an informal exchange among the participants and with the employees of the bank.

The European Court of Justice and the BNP Bank were within walking distance. The trip to Saarlouis at the afternoon, passing Völklinger Hütte, took almost one hour bus ride. The city tour thru Saarlouis was finished at the city park followed by a pétanque-competition and an “aperitif sportif” (local apple wine).

The evening of the first meeting day was very familiar: In the cosy garden of the law firm of Geibens the Invitees enjoyed wine and Barbecue accompanied by french chansons. In the course of the night one lonely Spaniard together with eight Dutch watched the revenge of Netherlands after the lost Final in 2010 (We´re sorry for that Enrique). Niko Geiben was a host par excellence both professional and thoughtful by handling out Aspirin as a little give away at the end of the evening.

Saturday morning was started with the General Assembly of all delegates. At the same time the delegates from Poland presented a short look ahead on the meeting in Warsaw next year.


The president of Eurojuris International, Hans Jonkhout, gave a speech about the network and the work of the past 20 years. The board members presented the projects JUMP, “Pimp your firm” and Jurismus Academy. In the subsequent new board members were elected. Our new board members are:  Sven Farbrot, Dave Beck and Robert Buchmann.

The Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean (MUDAM Museum) which was very close to the excellent hotel was visited before lunch. The following tour passing Schengen in Luxembourg took us to the river Mosel in Germany again. At the wine tasting at the castle Sierck-les-Bains eight different wines  were degusted.


Some sort of hebal wine was said to be the welcome drink of the ancient Romans. Of course this drink was also an offer at the roman Villa Borg, a reconstruction of a bath and manor-house including a museum with archeological findings. After dressing up in traditional Togas the delegates did not have Gladiator fights, but a competition about the knowledge on European music in the past 20 (Jurismus) years. The Jurismus-Birthday-Cake was the event were all past Presidents came together.

We thank the board and particularly the Family Geiben for the multilateral and interesting meeting, which was one more very well organized. Looking forward to see you all at the meeting in Warsaw 2015.


Robert Buchman