What you missed in Warsaw…

What you missed in Warsaw…

Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 07:48


Have you ever wondered what JURISMUS, the network of young Eurojuris lawyers (under 40) is all about? Simply come and join us! Here is what you missed at our last annual meeting held in Warsaw, Poland from 18 to 21 June 2015.


Warsaw, a vibrant, beautiful and dynamic city, gave us perfect conditions for our annual conference with nice weather and a decent hotel which was easy to reach for all of the 36 participants arriving from all over Europe (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom) making our event a truly international one.


On Thursday evening, we explored the Old Town. Our tour guide helped us understand why Warsaw’s Old Town has been placed on the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. After this short guided tour through the old town with the spirit (and literally the music) of Frederic Chopin around us, we had our welcome dinner at the “Elefant” restaurant located in the Old Town Square, a great place to become acquainted with new members of our network and to catch up with old companions.


On Friday morning, we had our workshop on “Self-presentation: how to attract potential clients” which was held in the Luna Cinema giving us an impressive stage and spot lights to test our presentation skills in the field. Our presentations were guided and improved by a professional actor. While all of us learned tricks and how to implement them in practice, one of us even learned how to cope with an annoying client. After that we enjoyed a delicious lunch at a restaurant located in the New Orangery of Royal Łazienki Park. Our walk and sightseeing in the park was followed by a visit and warm welcome at Krause Legal, our generous host law firm. Speaking of our hosts, we thank the Board and in particular Sylwia Bruckner and Lukasz Slusarczyk (Krause Legal) as well as Michal Sikora (Budzowska Fiutowski & Partners) for their exceptional efforts in organizing a wonderful meeting.


Friday evening started with our visit of the National Stadium, the home stadium of The White Eagles (Poland’s national football team), which hosted several football matches of the UEFA Euro 2012. This was followed by a dinner at an Italian restaurant. After that we had the chance to dive into Warsaw’s vibrant nightlife exploring unique bars and clubs.


On Saturday morning, the General Assembly of all delegates was held and we welcomed the President of Eurojuris International, Niels Eriksen, who gave us insight into the work of our international network and his thoughts on how to uphold and strengthen the Eurojuris spirit. Our Jurismus President, Olivier Vibert, then presented ongoing and new projects, such as JUMP (an individual exchange program between two Jurismussers), Academy (a course at the London School of English), and social media activities (on Facebook and LinkendIn). Dave Beck made us curious on the soon-to-be-launched webinar called “Pimp My Firm”. Robert Buchmann invited everybody to join the upcoming Munich Eurojuris Congress (29 October to 1 November 2015) where a Jurismus dinner will be held on Thursday, followed by a traditional Munich breakfast and a Segway city tour on Friday. As great events are often foreshadowed, Mark Daubney revealed the secret where the 2016 Jurismus congress is going to take place. We will meet in “jolly old England”, in the beautiful city of Hull. You can watch Mark’s presentation and the movie on www.jurismus-meeting.net. During the General Assembly Robert Buchmann was re-elected, and Diego Longano and Constantin Düchs were elected as new Board members. Finally, we had brainstorming sessions during the assembly on facilitating B2B in a new way, creating professional contacts with non-lawyers, and last but not least on new activities for our annual meetings.


Subsequent to the General Assembly we had lunch and free time in the afternoon, before all delegates departed for an evening full of folklore at “Lipowy Gościniec” on the outskirts of Warsaw. This final Jurismus night and dinner started with a legendary football tournament. The dinner consisted of very fine tasting Polish delicacies and spirits (all according to old Polish recipes). It was accompanied by a music quiz and a folklore party. Instead of trying to describe the folklore costumes, join our Jurismus groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and see for yourself!


Looking forward to seeing you all in Hull!


Report by Constantin Düchs